Friday, July 19, 2013

SVN lock problem in ubuntu

Berikut ini merupakan dokumentasi ketika ada permasalahan dalam penggunaan svn. supaya tidak lupa saya tulis disini dengan dokumentasi asli dari website svnforum.

Look in your .svn folder, there will be a file in it called lock. Delete that file and you will be able to update. There may be more lock files in the .svn directory of each subdirectory. They will need deleting also. This could be done as a batch quite simply from the command line with e.g. find . -name 'lock' -exec rm -v {} \; Note that you are manually editing files in the .svn folder. They have been put there for a reason. That reason might be a mistake, but if not you could be damaging your local copy. SOURCE :

Semoga bisa membantu teman teman yang menemukan permasalahan yang sama.